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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London x Alex Mine

ALEX MINE has always been influenced by music, from early age being a musician, drummer and pianist, he took his punk rock influence and transformed it into dark, rhythmic, bass heavy and melodic techno. Alex made his first strong impact into the electronic music scene in 2014 with a debut EP's on Carlo Cox's record label Intec and Dubfire's imprint SCI+TEC. 

2017 proved to be was Alex's break out year with releases on Pig's & Dan imprints Elevate records, Sasha Carassis's - Phobiq Records, Monica Kruse's - Terminal M Records and Victor Calderone's - Waveform Records. 


At the end of 2017 he released "In a Time Laps"on sci+tec which hit the Beatport techno top 100 chart at 33. 

In 2018 Alex focused on emerging from Italian underground clubbing scene to become a reference point for disco and clubbers around the world. 


From 2019 he has started collaboration with HEARTBEAT Jewellery London as an Ambassador wearing our bespoke music jewelry. 

As his music is full of rhythm and heavy beats, he decided to choose a gold and shiny jack plug music necklace, representing his style and the energy flowing from his tracks. We knew this design of the necklace would connect with his dark and melodic techno, what will catch the attention of the audience whenever he plays. 

This handcrafted music necklace is made of golden plated 6.35mm audio jack plug and golden & black chain. Once you wear it, you can feel the beat and soul of Alex Mine’s tracks. It’s an incredible music experience. We are looking forward to hearing more of his new tracks! 


Stay tuned,

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team