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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London x DJ DA QUEEN

DJ DA QUEEN is one of the most famous female DJ conquering male world of music. Beautiful, smart, powerful and full of passion. You can see it in her music soul! HEARTBEAT Jewellery London was honoured by starting collaboration with her. We admire her style and taste, in music and fashion. 

She is without a shadow of a doubt the best female DJs TOP 10 world female Djs from Kyiv, Ukraine. Da Queen is a young and ambitious Dj.

Many experts around the world are predicting her success. Her charisma and professional DJ skills is the main factors that will insure her long-term success in the scene.

Her style, an explosive mixture of melodic progressive house and driving energetic electro house with elements of popular tracks, makes the audience dance from the beginning till the very end of her sets. You can feel it when you dance, you can feel it when you wear our special music jewelry designed with her! 

In the past she had a grandiose dancing career with appearances all over the world, so she knows how to make people move and always dance with them during her performance, giving the mad energy to all people around.

Accroding to, Da Queen is one of the TOP 10 DJanes in World. She is constantly on the road performing all over the world. So, far she has played in 60 countries, but this number keeps growing.

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London started collaboration with her earlier this year, being amazed by her energy and power of music she produces. 

Our team designed for her three special pieces: 

Very unique guitar pick music necklace made of TECKPICK silver guitar pick. Looking stylish and neat, just how she likes! And we know it :) 

Second design is very edgy and electric, just like her music soul and her progressive house tracks. We feel the vibe of it on our veins. It is handcrafted music bracelet made of power cords and silver crosses. We are pretty certain you will love it, juts like she does. 


Last design is very unique and powerful, just like the power of her music. This much necklace is made of jack plug and silver chain, with silver cross. Edgy, electric and sophisticated. 


We are very glad we could be a part of this collaboration and we can't wait to party with DJ DA QUEEN one day! We admire her energy, passion for music and dance. HEARTBEAT Jewellery London will always support her! You stay tuned to see what comes next! 



HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team