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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London x Martha Kovalchuk

Martha Kovalchuk is an incredibly talented famous bass/double bass player from Ukraine. She brought our attention by her passionate approach to music and by the fact that she is a bass player in one of the most extravagant female music band - ULTRAMARINE GIRLS BAND 

Martha is one of 4 female musicians playing in this band. They all say that they produce ‘the sound of beauty’. We absolutely love how they look, how they sing and play and enjoy every track they make. 

Before starting her music journey with Ultramarine Girls band she was playing with Iamyou band, another famous music band from Ukraine.  

As being one of the best and most popular female bass player, Martha deserves to play on the best guitar! And believe us or not, her handcrafted guitar comes from Ukrainian brand Woodstock and it’s absolutely epic. Beautiful, black, shiny and sleek. That’s all we can say! 

Do you wonder what guitar strings she is using?!?!? Ah well, the best one from Optima Strings Germany. They match perfectly and the sound which she is playing is uplifting and taking the audience up to the sky! We love to fly with her music!

Our journey with her started last year and now she became one of our partners in crime to share the passion for her music and our music jewelry. 

Martha decided to go for three pieces of our HEARTBEAT Jewellery London which we handcrafted just for her. 

The first one is a music bracelet made of acoustic and electric guitar strings in silver and gold, beautiful twisted with golden chain. The design makes the bracelet looks very sophisticated and shiny. Guitar strings add a bit of delicate music vibe. You can check it out here: 

 The second piece are music earrings made of very uniquely crafted guitar picks. Its colour is like beige ombre what combines perfectly with golden stars, on golden chains. This style brings out Martha’s slavic beauty and matches her blonde long hair. She is looking absolutely stunning, don’t you think so? 


The third piece were handcrafted music rings made of silver guitar strings. Very comfortable, soft and shiny when wearing, feeling like you carry your own guitar on your fingers and you can play any time. We hope she feels it this way heh. We love how those two presents o her fingers. Very sleek, minimal and sophisticated. 


HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team is very grateful to Daria Trego and Alina Sisoshvili for contributing to this photoshoot. Martha in a very unique way represents our music jewelry. The pictures will show everything, no more words needed.


Thank you all for making this happen:) 


Stay tuned, 


HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 

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