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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London x Renèe La Bulgara


Our collaboration with Renèe La Bulgara started early this year, as we have been inspired by her music style and influence. She is well known as a speaker, DJ and vocal performer who began her radio adventure at the age of 13 in a small local radio in Italy.


She has been working with Albertino of Radio Deejay and with Mario Fargetta. She doesn't define herself only as a DJ, but as a performer. Her shows are enriched by her voice and by the dozens of ideas. From 2006 she has been leading an audition on m2o radio which you can listen to every day with Andrea Mattei in the legendary m2o party. Also you can hear her on Saturday in back2back with Chiara Robiony in the GDC Girls DJ Club.

Since 2012 Renèe has her first hologram in the world thanks to the Overset project.

From 2014 she has begun her journey in the world of music production with two single GDC n 'DALIEN "Bipolar" house project that came out on the prestigious Federico Scavo Area 94 label and Alien Cut feat Renèe "Jump" summer hit and single debut as singer for the Dance and Love.


Since first conversation we loved her passion and energy to music. HEARTBEAT Jewellery London has designed few special pieces just for Renèe.

Her shine will be enriched by our music necklace made of 3.5mm jack plug with gold pleated contacts and deep-black guitar peg music ring. Both pieces are very sophisticated and matching her energetic music soul.

We love how she wears it and we hope that will be a great start of our future collaboration. What we love most is sharing similar taste and passion for music and real soul of music tracks. Especially those produced by Renèe La Bulgara

When enjoying supporting such a talented musician and music influencer we hope to establish a long term relationship with her! :)


Stay tuned,

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team