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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London x Black Dione

Black Dione describes herself in three words: 






She is a powerful female guitar player who started playing in 2012 at the age of 16. 

It’s incredible how confident she is on the stage being now full-time guitarist, considering that she is self-taught and has acquired her skills over time. 

Black Dione has been playing in different metal bands, like Dementia (Black Metal) and that’s where she attended her first Black Metal show. Once she achieved her initial goals, she had a chance to be trained by Gonzalo Sangueza, who is a famous Chilean musician. He helped Dione to shape her techniques and polish her skills.

Currently she is dedicating all her time to play in Falsegod (Death Metal) since 2017. It’s been a great music experience for her, especially to get more scenic music performances and stay around with her fans.

The band, FALSEGOD recorded their first music video in 2017 which was a part of the tour "From The Ashes Tour 2017”. As Dione said, this band gave her a full blast experienced both in music and help her to develop herself to become a better musician in studio and in live performance.

Currently, they are waiting to release their first album called Religiocide”which will be available from next month.

Her story with HEARTBEAT Jewellery London started last year when we found out that the passion for music and musical design connects us.

She is an incredibly talented musician and beautiful female guitar player. What HEARTBEAT Jewellery London could add to it, was a bespoke and handcrafted music jewelry designed just for her. 


Black Dione decided to become our Ambassador and partner in crime to show the world her music and our music jewelry. 


There are two pieces which we designed just for her.

The first one is a handmade music necklace made of 6.1 mm golden jack plug and a leather strap which brings out her glam rock style. 

We also designed the special gold and black earrings for her, to connect with her black metal soul. Those are made of power cords with little gold star in it. She is the 'Golden Star' so we thought that would work very well ;)

The jewelry designed for her express the music vibe and its tune, it enhances the connection with her music soul and we believe it will make her fans feel the music vibe too. Are you curious to find out? You can check out the jewelry pieces here. 

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London is just starting to collaborate with her. We believe in her music taste and we will support her along the journey. You better stay tuned and look out for news about Black Dione


All the best, 

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team