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A major aspect of Heartbeat London is individuality!

Each jewellery collection is inspired and defined by a different music genre. Commonly used instruments, techniques or equipment of each genre are used to recreate its aesthetic and feel within each jewellery piece. Notice the heavy influence of guitar strings and pegs in the Rock collection – the same way the instrument was so significant to the music genre.

Our jewellery designs incorporate and combine a variety of elements from music gear – like cables, pegs, and DJ board buttons to name a few. These are often combined with a high-quality silver (925) or gold-plated elements like chains, earring hooks, and ring bases. We source the materials locally or within Europe and handcraft in our London workshop.


Yes, each individual piece is made to order. What does that mean?

Since we’re not mass-producing stock, we’re able to better control waste and overproduction, making our efforts sustainable and on-demand. Our handcrafting methods ensure a high standard of quality and care for each piece produced. We’re also committed to the best client experience, and as a result are able to adjust rings and bracelets to the right size each time.

We know how personal jewellery and style can be and strive to present a great range of diversity from which to choose. Through our jewellery you can express your individuality and make a statement. No matter your style, we’re confident you’ll find the ideal accessory for every outfit and every occasion.

As a brand we believe that music is alive forever – and we’d like our jewellery and handcrafting process to mirror this notion through care and high quality. Unlike quickly devaluating trinkets, we want our jewellery to last and keep its value – like the music that inspired it. Like with music, our brand is seasonless.