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HEARTBEAT Jewellery London captures the synergy between musicians and listener in each individually-crafted jewellery piece.
Our music-inspired jewellery is truly unique and handcrafted. We hope to bring you remarkable experience of feeling the beat of the music your love within your heart and soul when wearing HEARTBEAT Jewellery London.
Our #MusicTribeHB is a community we created which represents all of you – music lovers and musicians– no matter your location, style or gender. For us everyone is equal when it comes to music. We bring you space where you can connect with likeminded humans, be yourself and inspire each other in music and art.  
Our music jewellery captures the energy of music!
We are forever widening our circle and connecting with the music scene to bring you the latest news and new inspired collections. All those are designed with very special musicians and DJs who bring their energy and style into creation process.
Each artist we collaborate with puts their own stamp on music jewellery, making collections true to their heart and energy they have. 
#MUSICTRIBEHB Artist Collections: