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Regulations of the online store HEARTBEAT Jewellery London ("Regulations")  


1. These Regulations define the scope and conditions of the services of the platform for the sale of handmade jewelry kept by the Seller.

2. Orders of goods may be submitted by legal persons, natural persons with full legal capacity and entities conducting economic activity, hereinafter referred to as "the Ordering Party"  


1. As soon as the Seller sends a confirmation of acceptance of the order to the Ordering Party, a Distance Sales Agreement shall be concluded between the Parties.

2. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year via the website after registering and creating a User account or by e-mail via

3. By placing an order should be understood accepting the Regulations, logging in to the individual account of the User and choosing the goods to buy from the Seller's offer or sending the order to with the name of the Buyer, delivery address with the exact house number and / or flat and current telephone number. If incomplete data is given in the order, the order will be suspended until the required data is completed. After accepting the order, the Seller will confirm it by phone or e-mail. The seller may refuse to process the order, the reliability of which could not be confirmed.

4. Personal data provided in the order form are protected in accordance with applicable law. By approving the order form or by completing the order by e-mail, the Ordering Party agrees to their processing to the extent necessary to perform the order.


1. All commercial information, price lists and advertising of products on the store's website are only an invitation to enter into a contract. No information, regardless of its name, can be considered an offer within the meaning of the law.

2. All prices are net prices and are given in GBP and do not include shipping costs. The price given for each commodity is binding at the time the ordering party places the order.

3. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices quoted on the website without notice and reason.  


1. The seller commences the contract immediately after the payment for the order is posted.

2. Orders are processed within 5 days working days. By completing the order, it is understood that the parcel containing the ordered goods is issued to the employee of the entity via whom the order is to be delivered.

3. The order will be processed under the condition that the product is available in the Seller's warehouse. In the event of unavailability of the goods or part of the goods covered by the order, the Ordering Party is informed about the status of the order and makes decisions on the manner of its implementation (partial implementation, extension of waiting time, cancellation of the whole order).

4. For each order, when all the goods ordered by the Ordering Party are completed and ready for shipment, a fiscal receipt is issued.

5. If the Ordering Party has indicated that it wants to make a payment on delivery, the Seller shall proceed with the order immediately after confirming its acceptance.  


1. By completing the order form, the Ordering Party indicates the preferred method of delivery and payment method. Payments can be made upon receipt of the order.

2. Orders are delivered to the Ordering Party via the Polish Post or a trader chosen by the Seller providing forwarding services. The Ordering Party is informed about the costs of order delivery while filling in the order form.

3. The goods are delivered on the territory of the UK and to other countries indicated in the order form.

§ 6

1. The Employer, being a natural person who places an order outside his or her business or professional activity, has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons, by submitting a written statement of withdrawal within 10 days of receiving the shipment.

2. To comply with the deadline referred to in paragraph 1 of this paragraph, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.

3. Upon making a withdrawal from the concluded contract, immediately after receiving the message confirming the withdrawal, but no later than within 14 days, the Ordering Party is obliged to return the received order at its own cost.

4. The refund of all payments will take place within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order sent by the Seller. If the Seller does not indicate another method of payment, the refund will be made to the bank account of the Ordering Party, and if it was unknown to the Seller - by postal order to the address of the delivery of the order.

5. In the case of a return of an order combined with ineffective withdrawal from the contract, the order will be re-sent to the Ordering party after covering the costs of re-dispatch. In this case, the payment may be made only by the method of payment to the account of the amount due, after prior contact with the seller regarding the transfer details.  

§ 7

1. All complaints should be directed to the e-mail address:

2. Complaints are recognized within 14 days from the date of receipt to the address provided in paragraph 1.

3. When the goods are delivered, the Ordering Party is obliged to check whether the parcel is not damaged due to transport, whether it is intact or is in accordance with the order. Confirmation of a parcel damage, incompleteness or incompatibility of the shipment with the courier and preparation of a complaint report is the only basis for consideration of any complaints that could have been found when the goods were delivered.  


§ 8      

The seller does not accept any parcels sent to him for downloading without prior agreement by e-mail to the address

§ 10

1. The Administrator of Personal Data is the Seller.

2. The Seller processes the Buyer's Personal Data to the extent necessary to establish, shape, change and correct performance of the contract and the proper functioning of the website The Seller processes the Buyer's Personal Data for statistical, informational, accounting and marketing purposes, to better tailor the offer to the needs of the Buyers, in accordance with the GDPR regulations valid from the 25th of May 2018 ( applicable in the UK and Europe).

3. The Seller is entitled to make the execution of the order subject to prior confirmation by the Buyer of the given data, by providing photocopies of the relevant documents. Submitting a photocopy of such documents by the Buyer is voluntary. In the event that the documents presented by the Buyer raise justified doubts or the Buyer has not provided such documents, the Seller is entitled to refuse to conclude the contract or terminate the contract.

4. The Buyer's Personal Data may be made available only to authorized entities, for purposes, on the basis and within the scope specified in the Privacy Policy, these Regulations and the applicable law.

5. If the Seller has reasonable doubts as to the accuracy of the Data provided by the Buyer, he is entitled to request the Buyer to immediately delete or update the Personal Data, and to block the Buyer Account until such justified doubts are removed, in the manner specified in hereby Regulations.

6. Registered Buyer is entitled to view, correct, update and delete Personal Data at any time.


1. The purpose of the Seller is to ensure the security of Personal Data provided by Buyers, including their unauthorized use by third parties. Access to the Personal Data base is only available to authorized persons who have been authorized by the seller as the personal data administrator.

2. The Seller applies appropriate security measures that protect against loss of Personal Data or against unauthorized use, in particular through the use of appropriate technical equipment, the ability to set privacy levels.

3. The Seller warrants to the Buyer the exercise of rights resulting from the provisions on the protection of personal data, in particular as regards the Buyer's right to protect Personal Data, as well as inspection, correction, updating, deletion and reporting of opposition to Personal Data.

4. Personal Data is stored and protected in a database in which all technical, functional and organizational measures for the protection of personal data have been applied, including those resulting from the GDPR regulations valid from the 25th of May 2018 ( applicable in the UK and Europe).



1. In relation to a person who does not comply with the basic rules of the Regulations and contributes to reducing trust in the portal, in particular orders the goods and then does not receive them, makes their own account available to unauthorized persons, its actions harm other persons, entities or the online platform selling hand-made music jewellery uses services for illegal purposes or their abusing and undertakes competitive activities to the online jewellery wholesaler operated by the Seller or applies competitive measures to platform customers, the Seller has the right:

- send a reminder to Users of accounts created on the portal;

- limit the use of the online sales platform of hand-made music jewellery

- temporary blocking of access;

- to deactivate the account.

2. The type of sanction depends on the degree and type of violation of the Regulations.

3. In the case of a final blocking of the account, you can request its restoration. However, from the moment of blocking the account, the User is not entitled to use the online sales platform of hand-made jewellery with the help of other accounts, nor to register again.

4. Activities that may hinder or destabilize the operation of the website are unacceptable. In the case of such actions, the account is immediately blocked. In addition, appropriate legal actions are taken to repair the damage suffered. Activities that attempt to destabilize the site may also be considered a crime within the meaning of the penal code.


1. The Seller reserves the right to change the regulations unilaterally. The Seller informs about each change of the regulations by placing relevant information on the main page. The introduced change becomes binding from the date of its announcement on the website

2. The change in the regulations does not affect the acquired rights related to the already concluded sale agreements or placed orders.

3. If any provisions of these Regulations prove or become invalid or unenforceable, in particular as a result of a final court decision, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Regulations.

4. These Regulations in its current version are available on the website 

§ 14

1. Registration on the sales platform means acceptance of these regulations and consent to the processing and storage of the necessary personal data.

2. In the absence of consent to changes in the content of the Regulations, the User should stop using the services of the sales platform.