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We would like you to follow very simple instructions in order to purchase the best matching size of our jewellery pieces.

Measuring finger size:

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London offers ring sizes from 12-22.
If you don't know your size, please follow the instructions below:

Measure the size of your current ring with a tailor's measure and check with the chart below.
Average ring sizes for women are 12-16 and for men 18-22.

Measuring wrist size:

Our bracelets are made to fit the specified size.
With soft and stiff bracelets, measure the circumference of your wrist with a tailoring measure. HEARTBEAT Jewellery London offers the bracelets in sizes between 15-25 cm. 

In order to check your size please follow the instructions below: 


Measure your wrist at the narrowest point and tightly on the bones. The circumference in centimetres will allow you to choose the bracelet size.

FOR BRACELET WITHOUT A LOCK/CLASP (so guitar string bangle):

With stiff bracelets, without a clasp, which must be passed through the hand, the circumference of the folded hand must be measured with a tailoring measure. The size should be measured at the widest part of the hand so that the bracelet can pass freely through it. Once you measure it, please choose the size the closest to your actual size from the size options at the product. 

The average wrist size for women is 15-16 cm and 18-20 cm for men.
Average palm circumference for women is 17-19 cm and for men 20-21 cm.