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When asked, Black Dione describes herself in three words: 




A powerful (not to mention inspiring) female guitar player, Black Dione started playing in 2012 at the tender age of 16. 

It’s incredible the sheer confidence and raw energy she brings to the stage when performing now that she is a full-time guitarist. We were surprised to find out that she was initially self-taught before finally being trained by well-renowned Chilean musician Gonzalo Sagueza. 

Black Dione has now played in a number of different Metal bands, like Dementia, with whom she attended her first Black Metal show. Currently she dedicates all her time since 2017 to playing in the Death Metal band Falsegod (Death Metal). We can see it’s already been an awesome ride for her - travelling and growing her fan base. 


Falsegod recorded their first music video in 2017, which was a part of their ‘From The Ashes’ tour in the same year. This, Dione says, has given her a full-blast experience in honing her musical technique and presence both in the studio and in live performances. Currently, they are waiting to release their first album called ‘Religiocide’, which will be available from next month. 

Her story with HEARTBEAT Jewellery London started last year when we found out that we’re connected by both a passion for music and musical design. She is an incredibly talented and beautiful guitar player, so what better way to collaborate, than for HEARTBEAT Jewellery London to handcraft something bespoke and musical that suits her style? 


 Black Dione decided to become our music jewellery ambassador was fully on board with the pieces we designed just for her. 



The first piece of jewellery is a handmade music necklace made of a 6.1 mm golden jack plug and a leather strap, which we feel totally brings out her glam rock style.

To add an extra dose of that Black Metal attitude, we also designed these special gold and black earrings for her. These are made of power cords, strung with a little gold star each. As she’s a rockstar herself, we knew Black Dione would relate. 

These pieces of jewellery not only express the vibe of her music style, but help her channel that inner rock goddess. If you’re curious to see how that feels, check out the Black Dione collection. 

We know that we at HEARTBEAT Jewellery London are just starting out on what we hope will be a long and creative journey with Black Dione, so keep an eye out for the latest news right here. 

Stay tuned! 

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 


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