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Angelah Delight x HEARTBEAT LDN

We at HEARTBEAT Jewellery London love to keep our finger on the pulse for musicians looking to work with us and put their stamp on our music jewellery. And what can we say? Angelah Delight really caught our eye (and before you say it, it’s not just because of her vibrant hair).  

With Angelah it's not just about the music - it's about connecting with fans and spreading a wider message through her musical projects. So it goes without saying that when she agreed to collaborate we were all for it.  

A strong personality with powerful lyrics and a mischievous face framed by bold purple locks: this is Angelah Delight in essence. If you don't have the confidence and tenacity it takes to approach her, we don't blame you. But we are sure glad we managed it as she is in love with our jewellery. 

This bad-ass pop assassin was raised in Hamburg, but she landed in London in 2019 with a sole mission to bring a flavour of the German dancefloor to the UK.  

Her killer tunes are absolutely one-of-a-kind, but she draws her main inspiration from exceptional and talented artists like Grimes, Die Antwoord, Peaches and Deichkind. 

To create her unique Dance Rap Pop signature sound, Angelah fuses hyper-charged beats with sassed-up vocals and an orgy of ecstatic synths. Are you ready for it? If so, be on the lookout for her first single, which drops in July 2019. 

‘Dicke Weisse Maenner’ has a very special sound and a controversial aim to challenge societal norms and structures that put fat, white men in positions of power. Have a listen here: 

We’re proud to announce that the music video featuring music jewellery designs by HEARTBEAT Jewellery London is going to be released in June. 



The necklace is made of a double jack plug and golden chain. It’s chunky, sexy, and matches her punchy, powerful character.  



The earrings complete the set, following the same design with small golden jack plugs (3.5mm) and matching golden chain.  

Her music necklace and music earrings were designed to express her badass soul and make her glow and shine at any party she goes to. 




We agree that this set makes her stand out on the dance floor wherever she parties. Can we get a hell yeah! 

Right now Angelah is currently hard at work in the music studio, creating more tracks to send out into the world. If her current discography is anything to go by, we recommend bracing yourself for a blend of hyper beats and daring lyrics. Personally, we can't wait.  

Stay tuned! 

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 



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