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Martha Kovalchuk x HEARTBEAT LDN

It’s always refreshing to meet a woman who has made a name for themselves in the music industry and Martha Kovalchuk is a great example of this. You may know her from the girl group, Iamyou, but she is now a member of the super fierce and all-female Ultramarine Girls Band from Ukraine. Martha is an awesome bassist and double bass player. 

The band has four members, who each say they focus on making the ‘sound of beauty’. Whatever it is, we 100% buy into how they sing and play and enjoy themselves whilst they do it. Their aesthetic is also always on point, so we knew we had common interests with Martha from day one. 

Being an incredibly talented and popular bassist, Martha of course deserves to play a premium instrument. Her number one accessory is her handmade Woodstock brand guitar, which we have to admit is absolutely epic: black, shiny, sleek, and accented with the finest Optima guitar strings from Germany that really lift her sound to dizzying heights. 

Our journey with her started last year and now she has become one of our latest music jewellery ambassadors. Martha decided to go for three pieces from HEARTBEAT Jewellery London which were handcrafted just for her. 

The first one is a music bracelet made of acoustic and electric guitar strings in silver and gold, beautifully twisted with a golden chain. Shiny, strong, and yet delicately interwoven, this bracelet has tonnes of personality and appeal. Check it out here: 

The second piece is this pair of music earrings made of very uniquely crafted guitar picks. The sandy ombre of the picks combine so harmoniously with little golden stars dangling on elegant chains, really bringing out the warm notes in Martha’s long blonde hair. We think they are a perfect match for this slavic stunner - don’t you agree? 
The third piece is a set of handcrafted music rings made of silver guitar strings. Whilst maintaining their cool, edgy appearance, these rings are actually really soft and lightweight, making them super comfortable to wear. Their minimal design means they’ll look great no matter what guitar you’re playing. 

We couldn’t go without mentioning the fantastic Daria Trego and Alina Sisoshvili for their contributions to this photoshoot. The end product really captures how great Martha looks and feels whilst wearing HEARTBEAT Jewellery London. The pictures say it all. 

Stay tuned, 

 HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 

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