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Renèe La Bulgara x HEARTBEAT LDN

Our collaboration with Renèe La Bulgara started early this year, when her inspiring music style and influential presence caught our attention. Now a well-renowned speaker, DJ and vocal performer, Renèe began her career at the age of 13 at a small local radio station in Italy. 

Working alongside the likes of Albertino of Radio Deejay and Mario Fargetta, Renèe defines herself not only as a DJ, but as a performer. Her shows are enriched by her vocal skills and her seemingly endless creativity. Since 2006 she has been hosting shows on m2o radio which you can listen to every day with Andrea Mattei. You can also catch her on Saturdays on back2back with Chiara Robiony and the GDC (Girls DJ Club).   

Since 2012 Renèe became the first ‘hologram dj’ in the world thanks to the Overset project. Two years after that she began to branch out into the world of music production with two singles: the GDC N' DALIEN ‘Bipolar’ house project, which came out on the prestigious Federico Scavo Area 94 label; and ‘Jump’ by Alien Cut feat. Renèe - a summer hit and debut single as singer for Dance and Love. 

Since our first conversation, we just knew we wanted her energy and commitment to music to be part of our tribe. HEARTBEAT Jewellery London was delighted to design a few pieces just for Renèe. 



Her (already radiant) glow will be enhanced by this music necklace made from a 3.5mm jack plug with gold-plated contacts, and a deep-black guitar peg music ring. Both pieces are bold and distinctive, matching her musical spirit. 

We think you’ll agree Renèe wears her accessories perfectly and we hope this is the start of a beautiful long-term collaboration. The best part of it all is sharing our passion for music with our artists and making something that ties the soul of their tracks to a bespoke piece of jewellery.  


We’ve been so inspired by working with such a well-established musician as Renèe La Bulgara, and we hope you love the outcome as much as we do!  

Stay tuned, 

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 

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