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Steelawake x HEARTBEAT LDN

Steelawake was born in January 2017 from the will of singer and rhythm guitarist Teo Piacenti to start an alternative-rock project based on his influences. 
Stefano Guandalini (bass) and Peet Impalli (drums) were the first musicians to join the project.  

In June 2017, with the entry of Daline Diwald in the band as lead guitarist, the line-up was complete. 


The band started writing music right away and after a few months began to think about recording their first album.   

Finally after finding the right producer in Matteo Magni, they recorded their first single, ‘Dragging you inside’, which was released along with a music video in June 2018. 

Following that, they managed to land a contract for the promotion and distribution of the album with Sliptrick Records and a booking contract with Black Dog Milano. 

In July 2018 the band was back in the studio with Matteo Magni for the making of their first full-length album. Their 13-track album ‘STEELAWAKE’ was released on October 20th 2018 with Sliptrick and the band is now touring and playing these songs to audiences everywhere. 

This year STEELAWAKE launched their collaboration with HEARTBEAT Jewellery London, becoming ambassadors of our music jewellery. We were absolutely intrigued by their sound and the vocals of both singers and wanted to create something uplifting and powerful to reflect that.  

They will be wearing customised and bespoke music necklaces. Each necklace has been carefully handcrafted, consisting of a 6.5mm gold jack plug hung on a golden-black chain. We think the overall effect is delicate but with a rock n roll attitude, evoking their music and personality.  

We are so excited for this band to be joining the ranks of our talented musical collaborators. Feeding off each others’ creative passions, we’ve built an awesome relationship and we hope you guys are amped to check out their sound.  

Stay tuned,  

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 

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