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Penelope in Clouds x HEARTBEAT LDN

We’ve been busy at HEARTBEAT Jewellery London exploring new opportunities to connect with influencers and people passionate for music and design. 

Funny enough, that’s how we found Penelope in Clouds. The clue’s in the name, but Penelope is at her happiest when soaring through the clouds to a new destination. Travelling gives her the freedom to be herself, to escape from her regular life and have time to sit back and take stock. 


So what does jewellery mean to an expressive jet-setter like Penelope? Favourite accessories are like wearable keepsakes that remind her of treasured memories, people, and places no matter where in the world she is. 

This is why Penelope always carries her chosen jewellery pieces by HEARTBEAT Jewellery London. They remind her of good times as well as giving her look an extra punch. 

Her earrings are made of guitar strings and golden, black and white triangular shapes. 

We felt that the exotic look of these earrings would compliment her beauty unique sense of style. It turns out we were totally right! 

 Her bespoke set of bracelets was handcrafted by using original black guitar strings and golden, silver and black hematite stones, giving the piece an extravagant shine when she wears it. 


She says, ‘after all any journey without music is half-lived, be it your journey of life or just a car ride’. So we are so glad to be able to bring music into a new area of her life with our handcrafted musical accessories.  

We absolutely enjoyed collaborating with Penelope and seeing how fully passionate she is about wearing our jewellery and representing our brand. So thanks to Penelope in Clouds for joining our tribe. 

Stay tuned!  

HEARTBEAT Jewellery London team 



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