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Noemi Black x HEARTBEAT London

Noemi Black | Techno DJ

Heartbeat London is thrilled to present DJ Noemi Black.

Noemi Black began her career as a techno DJ in Poland, her home country. She later moved to Ravensburg, Germany – one of the first countries in Europe to adopt the term “techno” and its music. It offered to Noemi a wider techno music scene and development as a DJ. She is now successfully performing nationally, across Europe and other continents.

In March 2013, the “Technical Vibe” show was first broadcast on the Digitally imported Radio, run by Noemi. The show was a success and was granted airtime across other radio stations. The show’s goal is to introduce and educate listeners about the techno genre, by presenting different aspects of its commercial and underground sides.

2019 was one of the most prominent years in Noemi’s DJ career as she launched her own music label the “Technical Vibe”, named after her radio show.

This year, our team at Heartbeat approached Noemi Black with an offer of collaboration, to design a bespoke jewellery line. The collection is going to be released November 1st of the same year, and it aims to incapsulate Noemi’s talent and passion for techno music.

Stay tuned for more news!

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