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DJ Justri x HEARTBEAT LDN | Unique Way To Express Your Passion For Music

Standout With Your Jewelry

Jewelry is something that can differentiate us from the masses. The little trinkets can define our image and make us stand out. Also, these little trinkets give a little insight into your personalities.

The jewelry designed by the Heartbeat Jewellery London that creates bespoke jewelry for specific music genres helps to capture the musician's brand and boost their individuality.

These distinctive little pieces help the musician feel closer to their brand of music as well as it captures their spirit. Wearing these pieces helps the musician as well as their fan base feel the music more and enhances the overall experiences.

Talent Speaking Volumes

Capturing the true essence of music in a piece of jewelry is impossible, as the true embodiment of music are people. Jewelry just enhances and individualizes their beauty.

DJ Justri is an excellent example of a charismatic girl who has combined her unique skills to nurture her passion for music and produced some unforgettable DJ shows.

Her passion has helped her being ranked as #1 Foreign Female DJ in China, as well as ranking #26 DJ in china by PyroMusic.

She is an upcoming talent who has already gained 150000 followers and listeners around the world and is now going to be part of the Asia tour.

Her unique style and art of mixing and innovating in music have made her one of the best DJ girls. As well as her love for house and electro ensures that the dance floors remain insane—a girl who can rock both small and large events.

Justri belonged to the hometown of Kharkiv in eastern Europe. Where she started her journey in 2013 by playing in local clubs as a guest DJ, her great sense of knowing the crowd, and their musical preferences, she quickly started to get the leading position in her hometown and as well as throughout the country.

In 2014 her trip to Asia enhanced her knowledge of the Asian culture ads well as her popularity. She was especially popular in southern China and was also awarded prestigious awards in the festivals she performed at.

2015 was a markable year as it was the start of her international career, where she became part of international tours with the occasional return to her hometown.

Since 2016 to date, she has continued her journey to spread her unique style in as many countries as possible. Thus, in 2018, her hard work led her to earn the title of being one of the best DJs in China.

She has played in many prestigious festivals since that is:

  •   Asia LOFT
  •   Snow Bombing Beijing
  •   Budweiser Storm Festival China
  •   VangVieng Fest
  •   Vadodara Filmy Electro
  •   Corona Music Festival

Her remarkable journey in the field of music and her journey to success is truly amazing how she achieved great victories through her love and passion for music.


Passion And Expression

DJ Justri's passion for her music and field can be seen through her hard work and her unique style of music, and her presence can be observed by the love she receives from her followers.

Like her, the heartbeat jewelry also expresses the essence of the music through their defined and unique pieces. And also are the perfect form of expressing the love and passion one feels for the music.

The collaboration between passion and expression will be perfect as DJ Justri's passion for DJ with Heartbeat Jewellery's unique designs will help speak volumes for both.

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